// write your code here //Get the green screen image var greenScreen = new SimpleImage("drewRobert.png"); //Get a background image var background = new SimpleImage("dinos.png");//Use the green screen image to make a new image that combines green screen and background var greenWidth = greenScreen.getWidth(); var greenHeight = greenScreen.getHeight(); var finalImage = new SimpleImage (greenWidth, greenHeight); //Set a green pixel tolerance--change and see results var greenTolerance = 200; function makeGreenScreen() { //Loop through all the pixels of greenScreen for(var pixel of greenScreen.values()) { //Get the coordinates of current pixel var x = pixel.getX(); var y = pixel.getY(); //Determine if green pixel is above tolerance if(pixel.getGreen() > 247){ var backgroundPix = background.getPixel(x, y); finalImage.setPixel(x, y, backgroundPix); } else { //Set it to the green screen pixel finalImage.setPixel(x, y, pixel); } } //Change the 3 to whatever will make the image fit your screen finalImage.setSize(greenWidth/4, greenHeight/4); print(finalImage); } //Call the above function makeGreenScreen(); // write your code here var picture = new SimpleImage("palm-and-beach.png"); print (picture); function maxRed() { for(var pixel of picture.values()) { //Make any modifications below var grayValue = (pixel.getRed()/3 + pixel.getGreen()/3 + pixel.getBlue()/ 3) pixel.setRed(grayValue); pixel.setGreen(grayValue); pixel.setBlue(grayValue) } print(picture) } //maxRed(); function negative() { for(var pixel of picture.values()) { //Make any modifications below pixel.setRed(255 - pixel.getRed()); pixel.setGreen(255 - pixel.getGreen()); pixel.setBlue(255 - pixel.getBlue()); } print(picture) } negative();