Data Research

Graphical Comparison: "Terrorist" vs. "Bomb" Searches Worldwide in Past 90 Days

Analysis: This graph displays the research on the two topics, bomb and terrorist in the past 90 days. We looked to correspond the spikes in the graph to actual events on the same day. The first spike you see, is on August 17th -18th 2017 where only the terrorist graph spiked. We found that the Barcelona terror attacks occurred on these days and we believe the bomb graph didn't also spike because there was no bomb involved, instead a terrorist ran a bus into a group of people. The highest spike in the graph was on September 3rd, 2017, but it was only the Bomb graph that hit 100 and the Terrorist graph stayed very low. We found that on this day, North Korea and Kim Jong Un announced the power of their nuclear bomb arsenal, which makes since because there was no terror acts committed.

Graphical Comparison: "Terrorist" vs. "Bomb" Searches Worldwide in Past 5 Years

Analysis: This is a graph of the searches from the past 5 years. We looked for spikes in the graph over time and tried to connect those graph sikes to actual bombings or terrorist attacks. For example, the biggest spike on the graph happened on April 13- April 20th 2013. In this time, bomb graph hit 100 and the terrorist graph had an obvious spike at the same time. We researched what if any events happened in that time period and we found that the Boston Marathon Bombing actually occurred on April 15th, 2013. These terms both spiked due their involvement in the horrific event that happened and many people wanted to research what happened on that day.

World Map of "Bomb" Searches:

Analysis: In this world map, we looked for certain places or countries that stood out in their searches regarding the topic of Bombs. We came to notice that the main places that were around 50 were North America and Austrailia. thet than that the search interest was simply not there for example in Europe the interest was a 3. The omly place that had 100 search interest was the United Kingdom. People may be frightened there now because of the recent London attacks like the one on September 15th, 2017 on the subway.

World Map of "Terrorist" Searches:

Analysis: In this world map of terrorist searches, we tried to connect where the most interest was in certain places compared to others. We noticed some similarities such as Europe, their search interest was a wopping 6. Also, the United Kingdom was at the same high of 100, which means their interest has spiked on these two topics. The United States showed much more interest with a 95 compared to 55 with Bombs. Canada also was very high with a 78 and Austrailia with a 95 as well. It's interesting to see that the main search wasn't the topics surrounding bombs, instead it was who was seeting off those bombs because everyone wants a scapegoat.